GOT Analysis

Marking our first foray into TV show analyses, Serbian journalist and television critic Miodrag Zarković will be reviewing Game of Thrones episodes, starting with Season 5. Known for his thought-provoking analyses and “take no prisoners” approach to the show’s controversial decisions, Miodrag offers a much needed perspective on an adaptation that tends to get obscured within its own hype. As an avid book reader with a deep appreciation for the ASOIAF series, he is ideally situated to critique GOT’s strengths and weaknesses. We are delighted to have Miodrag partnering with us at PTP, and hope you will enjoy his contributions.

Episode 5.01: The Wars to Come
Episode 5.02: The House of Black and White
Episode 5.03: High Sparrow
Episode 5.04: The Sons of the Harpy
Episode 5.05: Kill the boy
Episode 5.06: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken
Episode 5.07: The Gift (Not a review part 1)
Episode 5.08: Hardhome
Episode 5.09: The Dance of Dragons
Episode 5.10: Mother’s Mercy