Pawn to Player Submissions Guidelines

(We updated to a new email on August 24th, 2015. If you previously sent a submission/question to us and didn’t receive a reply, please resend your work to the one listed here now)

All submissions should be sent to:

  • As Pawn to Player is first and foremost a books-only website, no use of evidence from the HBO show or analyses based on the show will be accepted. Reviews and analyses of Game of Thrones are done by guest critics on a separate section active exclusively at the time of the show’s yearly emission.
  • There aren’t any restrictions or requisites on the length and scope of the analysis piece, which are to be decided by the submitter based on their own criteria.
  • We welcome all sorts of analytic approaches: symbolism, mythology, tales and folklore, genre studies, sociology, psychology, comparative literature, music, history, military, etc. However, it’s not required to use an academic or specialty lens, simple opinion pieces well-supported by textual proof and proper quoting are equally welcome.
  • If the written submission employs academic sources, other literary works, or is a derivative from an existing analysis or theory not originally by the submitter, we encourage proper crediting and sourcing in the form of a link to the original if it’s available on the internet, and title and name of author for the printed source material.
  • The writer should endeavour to take a constructive and critical attitude, meaning that your writing should not reflect any approaches, language and ideas that might be harmful or offensive to any group inside or outside of the fandom, which necessarily requires a respectful stance towards any character analysed.
  • Although we welcome out-of-the-box ideas and creative theories, we recommend making sure to keep all analyses grounded in the text and with a fair focus on narrative plausibility.
  • We accept analyses looking at characters related to Sansa’s arc, those who have directly played a part in her experiences and continue to exert influence in her development, including those with whom she hasn’t interacted much with or hasn’t met yet, so long as it has relevance for her arc and aren’t taken as isolated. For example, an analysis on Daenerys alone wouldn’t be accepted, but a Sansa-Daenerys analytical piece would.
  • Pawn to Player publishes content only in English, and we will edit all material for clarity and other grammatical details/typographical errors in order to achieve a polished presentation and increase readability, but we will not change the meaning or intent of anything written, which is left to each writer to do. And as we’re aware of the large segment of non-Native speakers in the fandom, we’re most willing to provide all assistance in redacting and editing their pieces to submitters whose mother tongue isn’t English, including the translation into English from a foreign language if an analysis piece were to merit it.
  • For any other specific questions that may not be addressed here, write to: