The Winds of Winter

This section contains all the relevant material that we at Pawn to Player have published on the next novel in the series that Martin is currently writing. At this point, only one Sansa sample chapter from The Winds of Winter has been released, giving us insight into her experiences at the Gates of the Moon in the Vale, surrounded by foes and dubious friends as the staging of a grand tourney unfolds. We are introduced to new characters like Harry the Heir, who is betrothed to Sansa as part of Littlefinger’s plan which was detailed in her final chapter of A Feast for Crows. It is an intriguing sample chapter, one that offers multiple strands of analysis for Sansa’s character development, the relationships and alliances she is building, and where her story will go next.


 The Winds of Winter Sample Chapter Overview: Alayne I

Character Analysis 

Male Influences: Harrold Hardyng

A Closer Look at Ser Lyn Corbray

Critical Analysis 

1. To Kill a Mockingbird: Part I
The Past is Prologue: Analysing the upcoming Winged Knight tourney in The Winds of Winter


The King’s Tapestries
Sansa’s Choice to Wear Her Favour: The Case for Ser Byron the Beautiful