Rereading Sandor

Below is the introduction to the Rereading Sandor threads, started back in 2015, which are now archived at the forum. You can find all the completed chapter summaries and analyses for the project in the following links:

Rereading Sandor: AGOT
Rereading Sandor: ACOK
Rereading Sandor: ASOS


The Will to Change: Rereading Sandor is our latest project and is currently ongoing at The following is the introductory outline from the first thread, posted by Milady of York:

Welcome to Rereading Sandor!

This project hosted by Doglover, Brashcandy, and myself aims to meticulously examine Sandor Clegane’s depiction and development throughout the current five novels of the A Song of Ice and Fire series. The Hound occupies a special place in the pantheon of secondary characters that help to enrich Martin’s narrative, despite having no POV chapters, as his character has been richly presented and explored by the author, shown mainly through the perspectives of two young girls, Sansa and Arya Stark. In starting this reread, our central preoccupation is with discussing Sandor on his own terms and for his own sake. By this we mean to establish the authority of Sandor’s viewpoint: delving inside the man’s unique characteristics, the conflicts, the controversies and, of course, the connections he is able to foster with others. We fundamentally believe that while the Hound may be dead, Sandor Clegane is still alive, and still has a significant part to play in how the rest of the drama unfolds in Martin’s fantasy epic. The Will to Change is concerned with his personal journey, with looking at the experiences that have defined the man we meet, but also at the ones that eventually challenge and transform him.

In absence of his own POVs that would facilitate a traditional chapter-by-chapter analysis, we have opted for grouping his appearances and mentions of him in POV chapters across all volumes by similarities in topics and events, that joined together form a Sandor “viewpoint chapter” with a numeral for identification, followed by listing the chapters’ name and number below for readers to find them readily.  For example, in AGOT the chapters Eddard I, Arya I and Tyrion I have in common that they introduce the Hound into the story, and will be analysed together as Sandor I; the chapters Sansa I and Eddard III deal with the Mycah incident and together go as Sandor II, and so on successively as shown in the list below. With this methodology, we aspire to not leave out anything pertaining to the Hound, be it chapter-length appearances or two-line mentions distributed throughout a large canvas of POVs, all pieces big and small that contribute to a complete and thorough understanding of his whole arc. In addition to this, we’ll also feature chapter analyses by Guest Posters and Featured Commentary write-ups, all by the hosts and fan contributors whose insight into relevant topics in certain chapters we hope will make the rereading experience much more rewarding.

In order to promote proper discussion, chapter analyses will be posted once per week. As general guidelines for discussion, we only have these important recommendations: Keep within topics discussed after each chapter and don’t jump ahead in the story, as well as avoid going off-topic. Be polite and respectful, ad hominem and confrontational posting don’t add to an atmosphere ideal for discussion. And try to maintain an open mind and be constructive.

And last, we’d also like to share the lovely official poster for the reread that was illustrated by ASOIAF fan artist Bubug especially for us.

Enjoy posting!